Presentations of the International Workshops on Forecasting & 99+Grid Availability - January 22 & 23, 2018 at Chennai
  • JAN 22, 2018
  • JAN 23, 2018

Thematic Technical Session

A.D.Thirumoorthy - Advantage of Centralised Forecasting Tamilnadu's Experience
A.G.Rangaraj - National Institute of Wind Energy NIWE's Experience in RE Forecasting
Greeshma M Mohan - Recent Initiative of Solar and Wind Forecasting Using a High Resolution Cloud Resolving Model
Sushant Kumar - NCMRWF Forecast Products for WindSolar Energy Applications
Vahan Gevorgian - Overview of Wind and Solar Power

1 - Technical Session

Amresh Khosla - Manikaran Analytics Limited Wind Solar Power Forecasting
Bernd Kratz - Current Practices in Wind Power
G M Vishwanath - VAISALA- Practices in Wind & Solar Power Forecasting
Jordi Ferrer - Wind Energy Forecasting

2 - Technical Session

Abhik Kumar Das - WindSolar Power Generation Forecasting
Ayumu Suzuki - Short-term power forecasting
Jay Jayasurya - Power Forecasting - Hybrid Approach
Karim Fahssis - EU's perspective on the future of Wind & Site Engineering

3 - Technical Session

Dr. Guruprasad Srinivasan - More Reliable Renewables the Value of Utopus Insights' Forecasting Techniques
Dr. Hans-Peter (Igor) Waldl - Operational wind & solar power forecasting Physical Wind Power Predictions
Dr.Murali Baggu, Dr. Bri-Mathias Hodge and Dr.Manjith Sengupta - Advancement in Wind and Solar Forecasting Physical Modeling
Prashant Kumar - Short Range Weather Predictions using NWP model

4 - Technical Session

DataGlen - Practical challenges in predicting energy generated by utility-scale solar plants
Iacharya - Solar & Wind Energy Forecasting
Jordi Nadal - General Forecasting Techniques and Machine Learning in Industrial Applications
Newsletter Winter 2017-2018
Personal Profile- Karthik Ramakrishnan
RE Forecasting & Renewable Energy Management Centers in India
Scheduling & Forecasting in Rajasthan INITIATIVE of IWTMA
Vishal Pandya - General Challenges in RE Integration

Session 1

Axilium Jayamary - Tamilnadu's Power Scenario and Issues in Re
B. B. Mehta - Gujarat Model in "99+ Grid Availability for Renewable Energy Generation"
Dr. C. Laakshmana Sabari - Scheduling Techniques for Tamilnadu
Dr. Murali Baggu - NREL Experiences on Scheduling Techniques
Dr. Niels Ehlers - The German energy transition & integration of renewable energy

Session 2

Abraham Varghese - Flexible generation for RE penetration in SR
Anil Thomas - Commercial Implications of RE Integration
Dr.K.Balaraman - Balancing of Grid with Large Scale Renewables
S. S. Raghuwanshi - Role of RLDCs in Integration of Renewable Energy
Vahan Gevorgian - Grid Reliability Services by Variable Renewable Generation

Session 3

A.D. Thirumoorthy - LVRT Taminadu's Experience
Amy Rose - Policy and Regulatory Approaches to Grid Integration of Renewable Energy in the US
Pavithra Rajagopalan - Developing Grid Model for the State
Rajesh K Mediratta - Market for Renewable Energy
S. Usha - Inter-State Sale and Purchase of RE & Conventional Power
Sivalingarajan. M - Practical Experience in Commissioning Of Large Scale Wind Installations in Tamilnadu
Umarajarathnam, Nivedithareddy & Yashodhan - ActiveNetworkManagement
Zakir H Rather - Dynamic Reactive Power issue in Wind Integrated Power Systems and LVRT Compliance of WPPs

Session 4

Dr.Murali Baggu and Dr. Andrew Meintz - EV Grid Integration Capability
Shyam Ragupathy - Opportunities and Challenges for deployment of energy storage, microgrids for RE Integration
V. Gevorgian, M. Baggu - Overview of Energy Storage for Renewables Integration
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